Fall 2018 – Classes start on September 5th!

Welcome!  The Learning Center in 3-203 will start Tutoring Services on Monday September 10th.  Tutoring in various subjects will be available Monday – Thursday 8am – 8pm, Fridays 9am – 6pm and Saturdays 9am – 2pm by appointment.  Appointments can be made at https://rcc.mywconline.net once you have registered for an account with your RCC email address.  Or come in and we can assist you!

A Drop-In Math Clinic Table will be in the back of the Learning Center on Mondays & Wednesdays from 9am – 2pm, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12noon – 4pm.  The math drop-in table is staffed by Professional Tutor, Diego Lopez.  Additional math tutors are available by appointment.

A review of Basic Math Skills and Beginning Algebra is available through a Math Boot Camp run by Joyce Atkinson, Coordinator of Learning Resources.  Send an email to jatkinson@rcc.mass.edu to make a one hour appointment.

Facilitated Study Groups in Statistics and the Sciences, and Writing Workshops will start later in the semester.  Times will be posted and announced in related classes.

Students are welcomed to study in the Learning Center as well.  No food is allowed, and no talking on cell phones.  Handouts are available on writing and math resources.

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*New Summer II Reading Group

A New Summer II Reading Group will start at the Learning Center in 3-203 on July 9th.  The group meets on Mondays from 2-3pm.  Any student can join.  Students who attend on July 9th will be asked to find and select a book for summer reading and discussion.  The group will meet for 5 Mondays.  The reading group discussion will be facilitated by Professional Tutor Seth Jameson.  Seth is also an instructor and teaches various English courses at RCC.  Students are welcomed to join the reading group and participate in discussions.  Just show up!


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Summer 2018

The Learning Center is now located in Building 3, second floor, room 203.  The Learning Center offers:

  • Individual tutoring by appointment
  • Drop-In Math Clinic
  • Study Groups
  • Summer Reading Group
  • Computer Lab
  • Viva! Spanish software

Summer Hours:

Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm

Tutoring by Professional Tutors in:

Algebra, TEAS Prep, Calculations for Nursing, Statistics, Precalculus, Calculus, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, English, Literature, Writing for any subject, College Experience, Study Strategies, Computers, Microapplications, Spanish.

Stop by and say hi!  You can also sit in our new space and study.



Study Strategies for College Students

I really like this series of 5 short youtube videos produced by Samford University.  In these videos, Dr. Stephen Chew, a Psychology professor at Samford University, provides some effective study strategies and discusses some of the science behind why these strategies are effective.

The first of the 5 videos is accessible here.  I recommend watching the videos in order.

Academic Support

Need a little bit of extra help with an essay?  Nervous about an upcoming math exam?  Struggling with a science lab?

Take advantage of free tutoring!

The tutoring schedules for The Learning Center, The Writing Center, and The Language Lab are accessible here: https://rcc.mywconline.net/  You may book appointments online at https://rcc.mywconline.net/, drop by rooms 207 or 205, or call 617-541-5324.

The Math Clinic schedule is available here.  You do not need an appointment to receive math tutoring: simply drop by during The Clinic’s open hours.

Summer Tutoring!

Dear Students,

We wish for you a wonderful and productive summer!Sun

Summer classes are usually more intensive, and move more quickly, than classes offered during the Fall and Spring semesters.  The Summer sessions are shorter than the Fall and Spring semesters, so the pace of teaching is quicker.

Keep on top of your classes by taking advantage of summer tutoring!  The Math Clinic (Building 3 Room 206) is open today and tomorrow from 10am – 4pm.  From June 1 – June 25, The Math Clinic will be open Mondays – Thursdays.  You do not need to schedule an appointment in advance: simply drop in during open hours to receive free Math tutoring.  You may view The Math Clinic schedule here.

The Learning Center, The Writing Center, and The Language Lab will open Monday, June 1.  Stay tuned for more information about the schedules for these centers and lab.

Best wishes,

The Department of Academic Support

Need Academic Support?

The end of the semester is almost here!  What a long winter, but you made it.  Still have papers to write by a specific deadline?  Have questions about how to put together a PowerPoint presentation?  Need extra help in math?

All the resources you need are here on campus.  The Learning Center is located in the Academic Building on the second floor (Room 207).  We can assist you with making an appointment with the right tutor at a time that works for you.  Walk-in anytime to make an appointment.  You can also call the front desk at 617-541-5324, or book your own appointment online at htpps://rcc.mywconline.net.  You will need to register for a free account in order to use the online booking.  What a great resource!  Tutoring and study strategies are available in all subjects.  Submitting a paper online for review by an available tutor is also an option when you register for an online account.  You will get feedback after two business days.

The Math Clinic is also on the second floor in Room 206.  You can drop-in between the hours of 9am-9pm Monday through Thursday or 9am-4pm on Fridays and there is even a math tutor available on Saturdays from 9am-4pm!  Tutors are available to answer your questions and assist with understanding the math concepts that are presented in your course.

The Language Lab is on the second floor as well in Room 205.  Students who are studying a language such as Spanish, French or Arabic can come in and use the associated programs and resources that are on the workstations for those courses.  Tutors are available for Spanish and French, so stop by to find out who is available to assist with tutoring.  If English is your second language, you may want to come in and use software to practice pronunciation or review grammar when a class is not in session.  ESOL tutors are also available by appointment.

The Writing Center is in Room 203 on the second floor.  You may sign up to meet with a writing tutor for either 30 minutes or for 60 minutes.  Sign up through The Learning Center, or online at htpps://rcc.mywconline.net, or stop by and someone can assist you with making an appointment.  Learn how to create an outline to organize your ideas, develop your paper with more thoughts or research, or learn how to cite your sources correctly so as to avoid plagiarism.  Don’t delay, we know those papers have deadlines!  You can also use the workstations in the Writing Center to sit and write your papers.  Make sure you bring a flash drive to save your work!

Even if you just need help in formatting a paper in Word or how to put together a PowerPoint presentation, stop by and make an appointment.  Someone will be happy to assist you!

Questions?  Contact Joyce Atkinson, Coordinator of Learning Resources jatkinson@rcc.mass.edu or Francine Rubin, Director of Academic Support frubin@rcc.mass.edu


— Submitted by Joyce Atkinson, Coordinator of Learning Resources.  Joyce’s office is located in 3-205A, inside the Language Lab.  Joyce oversees the Writing Center, the Language Lab and the Math Clinic.